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Atıl Çelik

İzmir SEV Schools Music Teacher

Hi, my name is Atıl Çelik. I am a music and orchestra teacher at Izmir Sev Schools. I started my career through traditional methods like many other teachers. Then I focused on different areas with the desire to improve myself. My work was concentrated on choir, rhythm and gamification education until I discovered Apple Garageband. Discovering Garageband was a great turning point for me and since then I have concentrated all my work on this area. I realized that my students follow the developing technology better than I do and I felt that it should be my duty to help them discover new things. Using Garageband, I have been creating small Garageband orchestras and amazing concerts with elementary, middle and high school students. In pre-school rhythm studies, using Garageband, I managed to keep students' attention longer in class.