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Are you ready to shape the future of education and technology?

The Educational Technology Summit (ETZ), a hub that revitalizes the innovative spirit of the education community by bringing together thought leaders, visionaries, and pioneers of the industry, eagerly awaits your esteemed participation.

ETZ presents a mosaic of educational technologies, reaching its pinnacle with expert presentations from around the world, panels, and the most current workshops for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. As Turkey's leading event in this field, ETZ this time aims to propel participants further, enhancing their productivity and creativity by activating the power of Collective Intelligence.

For those eager to explore new educational methods, discover the latest technological advancements, and learn through firsthand experience with innovative applications, ETZ is not just an event, but also a fountain of inspiration.

If you wish to be a part of this inspiration, to shape the future and witness the birth of innovative ideas where minds converge, let's meet in the light of Collective Intelligence at ETZ! #ETZ24

Kindest regards,

Dr. Işıl Boy Ergül | ETZ Founder

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