Our Speakers

Serhat Gürgün

Educational Technology Manager, Apple Distinguished Educator

Serhat Gürgün received his bachelors' degree in Science Teaching and masters' degree in Computer and Instructional Technology Education from Sakarya University. He has been continuing on Educational Technology Phd program at Bahçeşehir University. Serhat has been an educator for 16 years and carried out studies and projects about educational technology, instructional design, computer supported education, constructivism, web based e-learning applications, assessment and evaluations systems, mobile education applications, content management systems, learning management systems, one-to-one education initiatives with tablets and teacher trainings at private schools in Turkey. He supported to some international companies about educational technology as a consultant. In 2015, he introduced “Multifunctional Interactive Instructional Method for One-to-One Digital Learning Initiatives”. He has been shown as inspiring educator of 2015 by BETT. Now he is an ISTE EdTech Advisor and a member of Explain Everything Advisory Board. He attended many international/national conference and events such as BETT Europe, BETT MEA, ISTE and IETC as a presenter about effective use of educational technology. He now works at IELEV Schools as an educational technology manager. He has been selected an Apple Distinguished Educator by Apple Inc. in 2017. Serhat Gürgün is called one of the pioneers of one-to-one digital education in Turkey. Also he is Co-Organizer of “Innovation in Education Summit (EİZ)” event.