Our Speakers

Uğur Sarıçam

Science Teacher

Uğur Sarıçam works as a Science teacher at ENKA Schools and Project Coordinator of the History of Science and Technology Workshop. He is also a board member of the International Future Problem Solving Program. With the student exchange program, he received education in the field of Science Education at Technische Universität Braunschweig in Germany. He is currently working on his doctorate studies in Marmara University, Department of Mathematics and Science Education. He is the content producer of the “Uğurlu Bilim” channel on YouTube, a digital content platform. Uğurlu Bilim continues to produce scientific documentaries and experiments with approximately 30 thousand subscribers and over 2.5 million views. His curiosity in computer science and technology started in his professional life by giving “Using Technology in Education” trainings. He has been conducting workshops on Microsoft 365 Services provides iPad Use for Classroom, Smart Board Trainings, Use of Web 2.0 Tools, Virtual and Augmented Reality Trainings, as well as Arduino Programming and STEM.