Our Speakers

Dr. Kerem Dündar

Founder of Neuro Health Brain Research Center / Neurology Specialist

After completing his study at Gülhane Military Medical School, Specialist Dr. Kerem Dündar worked at many institution as an academic, physician, educator and executor. At he finished his PhD research on brain at GATA Biophsics departmant, he experienced both experimental and clinical researches on psychiatr and neurology by electrophysiological and streotoxic methods.He has carried out a series of applications regarding acupunctur, hipnotherapy, hypnose, sexual therapy, neurotherapy, neuro feedback and behaviroul therapy. Dr. Kerem who combined the holistic neuro-approach which he developed with modern medicine, classical medicine, current technology, therapy systems and neuroscience has conducted more than twenty thousand individual counselings on achievement, happiness, psychological health, communication. In addition to his academic activities and individual applications in the field of neuroscience, Dr.Kerem also provides training and seminars on effective use of the brain, industrial psychology, ways to protect from psychiatric diseases, technology dependency, success in life and in the field of neuroscience.