Our Speakers

Bahar Önal

MUN Academic Advisor

Bahar Önal graduated from Bosphorus University Faculty of Education in 1992 and since then she has been working in private schools as an EFL teacher, foreign languages department head, exam coordinator, Comenius project director, students'coach, JMUN/MUN Academic Advisor and MUN teacher trainer. She has enthusiastically trained her students to actively take part in local, national and international MUN conferences held in colleges and universities. Joining in MUN conferences gives students a great opportunity to understand worldwide problems as the citizens of this world, build empathy, think critically, develop public speaking and practise academic writing. Bahar Önal has been giving workshops on material development, feeding EFL/ESL with the internet and integrating English with charity work. Her experience and projects in other countries has given a broad view in education. This led her to the necessity for life_long learning as a teacher, exchanging experience with/among colleagues and developing crosscurricular educational programmes. In this MUN training, she will have the privilege of sharing how MUN can be effective and integrated into language learning/acquisition process.