Our Speakers

Anıl İpekçi

Founder of MUNTurkey.com

Anıl İPEKÇİ graduated from Istanbul University, Department of American Culture and Literature in 2013. He completed his pedagogical formation certificate program at Gazi University in 2014. He is currently writing her MA thesis on English Language Teaching at Başkent University. In 2017, he received a teacher training certificate from Pilgrims. He founded many MUN Clubs during his professional career; joined the more than 100 MUN conferences and organized MUNEF2017, which was the first international conference to be held in the eastern part of Turkey. He is the founder of MUNTurkey.com (2016) which is the leading MUN platform in Turkey and has more than two thousand active members and more than sixteen thousand followers on social media. MUNTurkey.com as a MUN platform supports the MUN conferences, students, teachers and educational institutes in Turkey by provides training to all of these agents. MUNTurkey.com is also planning to expand abroad. Anıl İpekçi has been educating students and teachers from public and private secondary schools, high schools and universities for three years. He aims to build his entire career on the efficiency and sustainability of MUN conferences.