Litvanya Šiauliai Tech Okulu Müdürü

Roman Šarpanov MA Intercultural education and mediation, MA Education Entrepreneurship, Principal at Siauliai centre for technical creativity (Šiauliai Tech) international trainer in non-formal education, certified LEGO Serious Play and Design Sprint facilitator. Roman Šarpanov boasts a remarkable career in the field of education, spanning over 13 years. His experience is a testament to his expertise in organizing and implementing educational processes. Of particular note is his recent involvement in the realm of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education, where he has made a substantial impact on the way education should be structured in the 21st century. His innovative approach and insights have not only benefitted the educational landscape in Siauliai but have also resonated with stakeholders at a national and international level. Roman's thirst for knowledge and his ability to apply it practically underscore his dedication to effecting change in the dynamic field of education. He adeptly incorporates cutting-edge practices such as LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, DESIGN THINKING, Design Sprint, and Biomimicry into his daily work. Whether in his role as the director of Šiauliai Tech where he employs these methodologies for strategic planning, or as an educator collaborating with groups of students on topics ranging from Sustainable Development Goals to STEAM education and Edtech, Roman consistently demonstrates his commitment to fostering innovation and learning. About Šiauliai Tech - The main aim is to inspire the interest of kids and young people in STEAM education and STEAM professions. To achieve this goal, we apply the Play-based learning where kids and young people can practically experience what Science, Technologies, Engineering, Arts, Maths are. We work through hands-on learning approach and make kids during activities connect their experiences to real world practices, explore it and transform in order to open new possibilities.