Hisar Okulları, Bilişim Stratejileri Merkezi Koordinatörü & Bilgisayar Eğitimi Bölüm Başkanı

Dilara Vardar graduated from Istanbul Technical University and completed her pedagogical formation from Marmara University. Her master's degree in Learning Sciences at Mef University. Currently, she works as the Coordinator of the Information Strategies Center at Hisar Schools. Vardar has previously worked as a teacher and head of the computer education department at various levels of K12 education. In her current institution, she leads efforts to establish a sustainable, manageable, and dynamic digital infrastructure and ecosystem in the K12 education system that can quickly adapt to changing conditions and needs. She is the author of books "Computer Literacy 1-8” and "Computer Literacy Teacher's Guidebook". She had been a member of the IT Commission of the Turkish Private Schools Association for many years. She has also participated in numerous national and international seminars, symposiums, and conferences as a member of the organizing team, participant, and presenter. VARDAR graduated from Istanbul Technical University and completed the MEF University Learning Sciences Master's Program. Vardar is an active member of many international networks in the field of educational technology and is also a Google Educator, Apple Professional Learning Provider, Adobe Certified Professional and ISTE Educator.